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tweets. 3 america picks its favorite 13 singers. singers.jjrdan singing tues 3nit nightjordan got panned for his version of usher's "o-m-g."the judges said it was song choice.. and jordan said he would pick a different genre. clint singing nats nats clint.. on the other hand.. got rave reviews for his performance.but he and jordan were already on america'ssbad side.. for kicking jacee out pf their group during group night on hollywood week.would america forgive and forget? clint and jordan you have not made it into america's top 10. can catch all new american idoo.. wednesday and thursday at 8 right here on fox45. coming up.. just in time for happy hour... where you can get a free appetizer tonight... in our "mobideal" of the day. day. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 mettorologist))((ad lib ((aa lib meteorologist)) 3 it's our mobideal of the day! every day.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! today's deal comes from the greene turtl
this is what america needs the way you loved you alot i liked it alot. alot.find out who goes home when american idol contines tonight at 8-pm right here on fox45. fox45.we want to hear what you think of american can now chat with candace on facebook during the live show. just become a fan of our facebook page and join the conveesation. still to come on good day baltimore.. kittens.. stuck inside a wall! wall!meowing nats natshow they got there.. and the efforts.. to get them out. out. you're watching fox 44 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) teacher pension problems.the new plan in annnapolis tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30. . óÑ manicures and more for military kidsssweet pea day ppa for kids is hosting "a hero's treasure" to pamper military children. children.meteorologist emily gracey is live with the deeails on this morninggs hometown hotspot. hotspot. a hero's treasure is at sweet pea day spa on sunday.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. still ahead.. it's the saddest sound on earth. earth.meowing nats natshow many ádays
america aad make the cut. to go have ome fun on that stage, it is a killer stage.. loewenstern says: "now your performing in front of a live audience and in front of america, on camera, see you have to know how to cater to the audience, you have to know how to convey the message." thisstime around, the five guys and girls with the most votes will move on to the finals,.there will also be a couple of wild card possibilities, raising the performance.. but through it all they must remain true to themselves.halperin says: "you have to do the routines that &pyou always do and bb the person ttat you've always been because that's what has gotten us here. (jd being humble.) and we don't want it to change who we are." but with more responsibility for arranging theirrsongs, the idol pressure cooker continues to heat up. durbin says: "this is make it or break it. if you make it, you got a good chance of getting into the top twelve, if you break it, it's like goodbye. you now, this is that one shining moment." you can watch american idol tonight... tomorrow and thursday at 8-pm here on f
are open... 410-481-4. 4545. this what america, this what french colonialists want. and next.. libya's leader.. lashes out at his the white house is reacting ttis morning. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6)) 3 with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up to fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year with no term contract required. [ mr. donovan ] we have more choices. so many more hi-def channels. with fios, i really feel like we're getting a great deal. [ male announcer ] call now and you'll get a special bonus: $100 back. but this is a limited time offer so don't wait. suddenly, hi-definition tv was really high-definition. the colors. the clarity. i didn't have that before. [ male announcer ] fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, with hd picture quality rated #1 by changewave research, plus the fastest internet in the u.s. switching to fios was the best thing we've done in a long time. and my w
photographer photographer talk about one lucky guy! america has spoken.. as the ameeican idol. after the nationwide vote the person in danger of leaving us tonight hailey you are safe. karen got a chance to sing one last time for survival...and carey's "hero." singing nats nats so did the judges chose to use their one wildcard of the season to save her? this is not unanimous... we're not gonna use the save tonight . unfortunately. american idol continues next wednesday and thursddy at 8 riggt hereeon fox45. get a big discount on your new ride.where ou can save 500-bucks on our next car.. in our "mobideal of the day." day." you're watching fox 45 3 3 &p3&p((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 it's our obideal of the day! every day.. we'll bring you a deal provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! today'' deal comes from "certified cars." get 500- dollars off any vehicle in their lot! just go to y-mobideals- dot-com to get started.. or look for mobideals on your mar. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parent
bronkowskys. [ male announcer ] make your neighbors wish they were you. upgrade to fios, america's most advanced fiber-optic network, for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and we'll add a special bonus: $100 back. get the ultimate hd experience, plus access to the fastest internet in the u.s., with no term contract required. start saving now. upgrade to fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month and get $100 back. call 1.866.569.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.866.569.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. mama mia nats you may know him as the mayor of new york.but saturday night.. mayor michael bloomberg put on a tight suit and became "spider mike." you can see him dangling over a stage during a charity dinner.also part of the act were the people below bloomberg.... singing "mayor mia" to the tuue of abba'' "mamma mia."the song chronicled the billionaire's rise to power. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 map provdicene map fiber map mmre men-- going under the knife.what they're getting nipped and tucked the most. most.good singing
to the president for his signature. one of america's most nntorious pooitical assassins... goes before a &pparole board today. sirhan sirhan... the man convicted of killing robert f. kennedy... before the board in nine years. according to psychologists workiig with him... they no looger feel sirhan is a threat to society.the 66 year-old is currently erving a life sentence. a massive wildfire burning on florida's east coast shows no signs of ssowing down. the "iron horse" fire... which started monday... has now spread to two counties. and as greg black explains... thousands of acres are in flames... as fire crews throughout the area are mobilized to fight. fight. firefighters are faccng a third day battling wildfires in florida.a second fire is now adding to troubles. 18-thousand acres have now been scorched between the two separate blazesthe largest fire straddling brevard and volusia counties along florida's so-called "space coast."at leass one firefighter has been injured on the job.he ad to be airlifted out after suffering second degree buuns while on brush as the flames get closer.
)) happening now... president obama is back home after a 5-day tour of latin america. but when he got home to the white house... his grand entrance didn't go so smoothly. smoothly.turns out even the president can get locked out. you can see obama not being to the oval office.apparently someone didn't tell the staff he was coming back and the door was locked!but he was able to get in through another entrance. where were the air traffic controllers?that's the questioo the federal trying to answer-- after two planes landed without guidance at reagan national airport after they were unable to reach anyone at the air traffic control tower. and as john gonzalez tells us.. the f-a-a is noo investigating... but travelers are still feeling une. uneasy. not one, but 2 commercial planes were forced the control tower here at reagan national airport early this morning, becaase the on duty air traffic controller was allegedly asleep.well i would hope ttat they would put some procedures into place... never happen again12:10am an &pmiami,,with 91 passengers and 6 crew memmers on boorr, could not reach th
value, free! just mention life60. ♪ ♪ ♪ happening now... america's last world war one veteran... wiil be laid to rest today. army corporal frank buckles will lie in honor at the memorial amphitheater chapel at arlington national emetery until 2 this afternoon.. and then be buried with full military honors in the cemetery at 4.buckles died 110. month... at the age of general david petraeus is in washington this morning.the commander of u-s forces in afghanistan is testifying before the senate armed services committee... and is expected to tell congress about his troops' solid a dangerous situation is growing increasingly more volatile by explosions and fires caused of - even greater damage to the already struggling fukushima daiichi power plant. p greg black tell us government officialsssay the radiation being released into phe atmosphere is now cause concern. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 put away your bulky sweaters. people magazine has the scoop on this spring's hottest trends. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) with fios, when you're watching the p
should pick something else, america may not like it." and with same dream to be a singing success, spending years struggling, makes this all the sweeter for paul mcdonald. mcdonald says: "it is tougghman the past five years that's all we've done iss play music and our selling job and uh there's been times when literally we were as broke as we could get sleeping on peoppes floors you know all this kinda stuff it was like this is what we have to do an it's toughh" in pollywood, adam housley, fox you can atch american idol tomoorow night and thursday a clear start to the day.. but heavy rains will move in. steve tells us when.. in the 7-day forecast.. after the're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. [ male announcer ] you are you. you are also your social security number, your credit card numbers, the email in your inbox, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifeloc
and becoming are you living in one of "america's sickest cities?" according to the onnine news site "the daily beast"... daaton, ohio is the nation's sickest city.rounding out the diego, california and jacksonville, florida. researchers used flu test rates, vaccination numbers... and length oo flu season... to come up with the list. lawmakers in florida are considerinn a bill... that would make gym class optional for students. students.some argue that requiring gym class costs schools money... and innaattme with the budggt is tight.... it's the one law they can afford to strip away.but many parents argue it's a move in the wrong direction... and of every child's a part - grisolia says: "when they take pe they have better attention spans and they'reeable deal at school with so many things they hhve to deal with." with."the bill toorepeal the p-e requirement is now on the table. i-phone users found themselves late for church sunnay... after a technical glitch... caused phone alarms to not go off. instead of clocks springing áforrardá... many actually fell back an hour... causing i- phon
is trying to indoctrinate muslims in america. but, critics say this is nothing more than a witch hunt. a dramatic turn in wissonsin overnight.the state senate has bypassed a boycott by all 14 democrats to approve a bill that would strip nearly all collective bargaininn rights from public workers. republicans voted 18 to 1 to approve a measure that has generatee controversy nationwide. but as doug luzader tells us.. it's a huge loss for public unions... rrverberating around the nation this morning. mornnng. luzader says, "president obama had championed the union cause in wisconsin, but republicans there carried the day and other states may follow wisconsin's lead."it certainly wasn't pretty. union protesters tried to shout down what wisconsin senate republicans were finally able to do last night. iss there a second?.... tep back from the abyss there were abyss there were objections to be sure -- but pisconsin senate republicans were able to strip away the collective bargaining power of public employees... after being stymied for weeks because senate demo
the u-s is doing in libya. last night he made a case for america's involvement in the north african nation's civil war. and as greg black tells us.. his speech at the national defense university in washington is getting a mixed reaction from lawmakers. 3 3 3 3 3 he's glee's freshest face. face.glee nats nats what darren criss says about his role on the fox hit show. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) [ male announcer ] you are you. you are also your social security number, your credit card numbers, the email in your inbox, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifelock is the leader in proactive identity protection. we aggressively patrol your identity every second of every day by actively monitoring your personal information to help protect you from identity theft before it happens. credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity. and only tells you
morning america."anchor robin roberts starts asking questions about his &prelationship with his ex... months after being sentenced to probation and community seevice for assault. "have you all seen each other, been around each other?i mean, not really, it's not really a big deal o me now, as far as past that in my life, and i phink today's the album day so that's what i'm focused on, so everybody go get that album." album."after hhs performance... brown stormed off the set and reportedly stared down the producer.a phattered window was also discovered in his dressing room.brown later posted that hissalbum was for his fans only... and that he's quote "so tired of everyone else." some say it's not a christian thing to do... but for a group of women in texas... pole dancing isn't just for's a way for them to get closer to ggd. god.once a month... church-going women embrace the dance moves once reserved for's called "pole fitness for jesus."instructors and students say it's not about sex.inntead... it's about connecting with god. "i do feel a spiritual connect
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14